Detector Screens for Wavelengths from 1.5 μm to 20 μm

Laser Components has the world’s most comprehensive range of conversion screens for a wide variety of power levels and the entire spectral range from UV to IR. All conversion screens convert nonvisible laser radiation to visible light or thermal images. It is not necessary to activate the screens using UV light because they come ready to use.  

For applications in the NIR with low or medium power, we recommend using LDT-007(B) or LDT-008R screens.  

Our top model for high power applications in the wavelength range from 800-1700 nm is the LDT-1064BG.

How the LDT-1064M functions is especially interesting. With this screen, the transversal modes of an Nd:YAG laser are made visible. The LDT-1064C features a larger active area.

The LDT-1.5-5 and LDT-5-20 detection cards are new in our product range and cover the wavelength range from 1.5-20 µm.